Services, Policies, Limitations, and Fees

Principal Functions

In furtherance of its mission, the principal functions performed by Student Legal Services are:

  • Assisting students regarding legal problems by answering questions, explaining the individual's legal rights and responsibilities, and describing available options. This counseling is privileged and confidential.
  • Negotiating on behalf of the student with other parties to a legal problem, e.g., landlords, creditors, insurance companies, public and private dispensers of consumer services, and various University departments.
  • Drafting letters and legal documents for the student or assisting the student in the drafting of these documents.
  • Advising the student to seek the assistance of an attorney who can represent him/her in cases where courtroom appearances are likely and providing appropriate referrals.
  • Preparing and presenting programs and materials on legal issues of interest to students, e.g., speaking at orientations and campus housing facilities, conducting workshops for student groups, disseminating brochures on common legal problems, and developing and maintaining an informational website.
  • Training and supervising staff who volunteer to present students' cases at Student Conduct Committee hearings.

Conflict Policy

When a dispute arises between two or more current UCLA students, Student Legal Services (SLgS) can provide only information to the concerned parties. SLgS cannot represent any of the parties to the conflict, provide our full range of services, or advocate for either side. The students involved in the dispute who seek the services of SLgS are first fully informed of the SLgS Conflict Policy. At the time the students seek our services, we offer to meet with each side in the dispute on a one-time basis to provide information regarding the relevant laws and resources. We do not advocate for either side.

Once the student signs the Conflict Information Session Agreement, an appointment for an information session is scheduled. After the information session, in appropriate cases, SLgS may be able to mediate the dispute upon the request of all parties involved. SLgS also will provide referrals to alternative dispute resolution services, such as the UCLA Office of Ombuds Services.

Limitations on Services


Student Legal Services (SLgS) offers its services only to students who are currently registered and enrolled at UCLA or, during the recess period between quarters or the summer period, have completed the immediately preceding term and are eligible for reenrollment.

SLgS provides advice, but does not provide representation for students in court or at any other type of hearing. Furthermore, SLgS does not handle any type of litigation other than Small Claims Court cases. SLgS also provides no assistance regarding appeals.

SLgS provides no assistance regarding matters involving another state’s or country’s laws.

SLgS provides only general information and no ongoing assistance for California family law matters.

SLgS can draft only simple wills for California residents. It provides no assistance regarding estate planning or probate matters, including inter vivos trusts and other estate planning documents.

SLgS offers only limited assistance regarding real property matters.

SLgS offers no assistance or advice regarding tax, workers’ compensation, or medical or legal malpractice.

The services offered by SLgS are available only to individual students. SLgS does not assist partnerships, corporations, associations, or organizations. SLgS also does not assist students with their business affairs.

It is within the discretion of the attorneys to determine whether the services provided by the office shall be limited, especially in cases where the attorneys lack expertise in the area and/or the time and resources required to handle the matter would unreasonably reduce the services available to other students.

No Show Policy

If a student fails to attend a scheduled intake appointment or submit the Client Agreement and Contact Consent Form prior to that appointment, that student may reschedule for another date and time if they satisfy certain requirements:

  1. The student must submit the Client Agreement and Contact Consent Form (and Conflict Information Session Agreement if appropriate).
  2. The student must submit a copy of all of the relevant documents; the attorney can provide guidance if the student is unsure what to submit.
  3. These requirements apply to both in person and remote appointments.

If that student fails to attend the second or any subsequently scheduled intake appointment regarding the same matter, then the student will be charged a $10 no show fee for each missed intake appointment. The fee will be charged to the student’s BruinBill account. The student also may not schedule another appointment until after the date designated by the attorney.

Fee Schedule

Service Fee
Initial Consultation Free
Ongoing assistance with follow up consultations and research (but no representation in dealing with other people/companies) Free
Ongoing assistance with follow up consultations, research, and representation in dealing with other people/companies (but only to the extent the attorney can conduct the representation from the SLgS office); no court representation. $50
Demand Letter $30
Power of Attorney $20
Advance Health Care Directive $20
Name Change or Change of Name and Gender Marker $30
Will $180